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TeamSpeak 3 Client Version 3.0.13 released


Today we released the new TeamSpeak 3 client 3.0.13. This version includes some new features/functions.

- support for channel delay feature in server 3.0.10.
- search field in customize toolbar dialog.
- display of filetransfer progress in taskbar (Windows 7 and above).

For further and detailed informations please read our changelog.

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New TeamSpeak 3 Client and Server released


This week we released a new TeamSpeak 3 server (3.0.9) along with the appropriate client (3.0.12). These new releases are required for the Overwolf overlay.

- The new server also comes with an added "-badges" parameter to "clientlist" serverquery command
- The new client also includes a TeamSpeak control plugin with a functionality similar to the clientquery plugin.

Client and server also have some fixes included. Please read the changelogs for detailed information!

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TeamSpeak 3 Server Version 3.0.8 released


Today we released the new TeamSpeak 3 server 3.0.8. There are a number of changes, major improvements and additional features with this release.

- new login protocol. TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.11 (published July 31st 2013) required to connect to the new server. Older clients cannot connect to this server version.
- added new commandline parameter "query_skipbruteforcecheck" to disable any protection for whitelisted IP addresses for the ServerQuery interface
- added protection against login cpu usage DOS attacks
- moving virtual servers between instances should no longer trigger the "running elsewhere" accounting error

Please check the changelog.txt file to get the complete list.

The new server software can be downloaded here.

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New TeamSpeak3 Client released today


TeamSpeak Client 3.0.11 out now! Enjoy our client with the following new features:
- Added (Windows only) hotkey support for multiple USB devices.
- The chat- and poke messages are now styleable too.
- The classic chat colors are available via our settings. (Design > Theme > classic)

For detailed information please read our changelog.

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Server Hotfix available


A new TeamSpeak 3 server version is available. This version contains a hotfix as a countermeasure against recent DOS attacks. These attacks interfere with the way the server handles new client connections and cause very high CPU usages.

- Please download and install the server.
- Login to the query interface with a serveradmin account.
- Issue instanceedit serverinstance_pending_connections_per_ip=2 command.

You may use other low values but we recommend setting it to 2 or 4. Setting this value to 0 will disable the DOS protection.
Please follow all three steps to enable DOS protection as the server comes with DOS protection disabled by default.

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